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Fundraising - PLAY HOCKEY FOR FREE!!!

Twin Bridges Lightning offers fundraising opportunities to defray the basic ice fees that accrue over the course of a season.  Our fundraisers substantially lower the registration costs saving families $100-150/fundraiser.  If the fundraisers are not properly staffed from week to week, the club could lose the opportunity to work them which will result in much higher registration fees. 

Every time a person works an event on behalf of a player that player earns Credits (SELECT to view Credits rules and requirements) towards registration and seasonal hockey fees (tournaments, camps, etc.).  Those eligible to work our fundraisers includes parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.  For more information please contact Janell Kahl. 

  1. Bingo
  2. TJ's Pizza

In order to obtain the most out of each fundraiser without one effecting the ability to participate in Bingo, most hockey events are not available on Mondays as that night is reserved for Bingo.  Please review the information provided for each fundraiser to make sure you meet any requirements that may need to be fulfilled prior to working an event.


  1. Login using your Sport Ngin account
  2. Click the Dibs button on the yellow navigation bar
  3. Select the YYYY-YYYY Fundraising Dib Session where YYYY=the year
  4. Use the highlighted fields below to filter the items based on date and location; then select the Filter Dib Items button
  5. Select a task under the 'ITEM' column and then select 'CLAIM THIS DIB ITEM'.
  6. Select your child from the 'ATHLETE' drop down list, then fill in the Fulfiller's Name, Phone Number (include "-"), and Email Address and then select 'CLAIM DIB ITEM'.
  7. An email reminder will be sent 1-2 days before the event
  8. A list of all Dib Items claimed in active Dib Sessions can be viewed by selecting Dibs under your profile at the top of the page

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