• Have a 'Hockey Director' who is involved in the ADM implementation
  • Have age division coordinators for each age group that oversee practice planning and off-ice training
  • Have a commitment to conducting age appropriate off-ice training
  • Practice and game schedules are approved by the 'Hockey Director'
  • Maintain consistent communication with USA Hockey Staff
  • Document and submit practice plans for each team for the season on a monthly basis to the ADM Regional Manager
  • Conduct a coaches meeting at least 1x/month for all head coaches
  • Conduct an end of year review & planning meeting for the upcoming season w/USA Hockey Regional Manager & submit a plan for future improvements


  • Regular season begins no earlier than Labor Day
  • Regular season ends no later than March 31st
  • Players given a minimum 3 days off at Thanksgiving
  • Players given a minimum 7 days off at Christmas
  • Schedule a minimum of 2 "Try Hockey For Free" days/season
  • Have a minimum of 1 set of hard board cross ice dividers