• Teams consist of 11-12 skaters & 1-2 goalies
  • If 2 goalies, must split each games (or have one skate out each game)
  • 3-4 on-ice sessions per week (includes practices & games)
  • Minimum of 70 on-ice practice hours
  • Minimum of 3:1 practice to 'game day' ratio
  • Practice session content developed w/approval of 'Hockey Director (HD)' - HD keeps a hard copy of practice plans
  • Practices follow USA Hockey station based guidelines
  • Have a qualified skating coach work with each team 1x/week
  • Have a qualified puck skills coach work with each team 1x/week
  • Have a qualified goaltending coach work with each team 1x/week
  • Maximum of 25 game days and a maximum of 35 games
  • No games/tournaments where body checking is allowed
  • No single team practice sessions, with a minimum of 2 teams/on-ice practice session (3 recommended ~ 30-40 players)
  • Equal playing time for all


  • 2 off-ice training sessions/week
  • Rotate positions so that players experience playing forward and defense
  • No missing school for hockey