Online Voting

  • Online Voting opens the Friday before the Annual Meeting and closes at least 24 hours before the Annual Meeting.
  • A link to cast your vote using the Online method will be sent to the email address used to register your child for the previous season. 
  • Results from Online Voting will be gathered and made public AFTER the Paper Ballot voting is completed.


  • ensures respondent's answers are anonymous and only discloses who responded to the election, not how they responded
  • The link will allow a family to cast a vote for up to four (4) of the possible candidates
  • Please check your Clutter/Junk/Spam folders if you feel you have not received the link to the Election after it opens.

Paper Ballot Voting

  • A member that has not participated in the Online Voting can complete and submit their vote via paper ballot at the Annual Meeting. 
  • A family can cast a vote for up to four (4) of the possible candidates.

Election Results

  • Where multiple votes are cast for one nominee on a single ballot, only one vote will be counted for that nominee.
  • Where there is a tie vote, a one week run off will occur following the same practices that were used in the initial nomination of directors.
  • The nominee who gains a majority in a run off of only the tied nominees shall be elected. Where a tie cannot be broken by repeated votes of the membership, the Board of Directors will appoint the director.