All players registered in the LTP session must wear the proper equipment in order to participate in the on-ice activities.  Twin Bridges offers an equipment rental service that includes all of the proper equipment for FREE! or families can supply their own equipment as long as it meets proper safety requirements.

A check in the amount of $100 is required as a deposit and must be submitted the day of the Equipment Rental Handout, typically a couple of hours before the first day of LTP. The check is returned or shredded when the equipment is returned in good condition.

Equipment Rental

Included NOT Included
Helmet w/Cage X
Shoulder Pads X
Hockey Pants X
Shin Pads X
Elbow Pads X
Hockey Gloves X
Skates X
Hockey Stick X
Equipment Bag X
Mouth Guard X
Jock X
  • Mouth Guards are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as they provide adequate protection against players biting their tongues, biting down hard on their teeth, and protect against concussions.  They can be purchased ($2) in the Pro Shop at East Alton Ice Arena. 
  • A Hockey Jock provides a player with pelvic protection and Velcro straps hold hockey socks in place.  A regular jock can also be worn but tape will most likely be necessary. 
  • Tape is applied against hockey socks and over the shin pads to prevent the shin pad from shifting and the hockey sock from sliding down.  Tape can be purchased ($3/roll) in the Pro Shop at East Alton Ice Arena (enough for the entire session).


  • Please make checks submitted for the equipment rental deposit made out to: Twin Bridges Lightning
  • Because the program is directed towards younger players, ages 8 & under, we are very limited in larger equipment.
  • TBL does not offer equipment rental for any other programs other than LTP.