A summary of what to look for in each age group this season…

6U:  After last season's success, we are excited to continue developing our players love for the game and skill development! 

8U:  Our 8U players can look forward to continued skill development and 3:1 practice to game ratio.  Coach Standbrook's skating clinic will be scheduled based on team practices - the first 30m team practice, the next 30m Coach Standbrook skating instruction.

10U:  The 10U format of multiple team practices combined with game play offered a great opportunity for player development.  In addition to Coach Standbrook skating instructions, off-ice training opportunities with Elite Hockey Facility are available including several sessions included in the regular season fees. 

12U:  We are excited to announce a new practice format at the 12U level.  One practice every two weeks would be a 30/40/30 split where Team 1 gets full-ice for 30m, Team 1 and Team 2 split the ice for 40m, then Team 2 gets full-ice for 30m.  Furthermore, we are exploring adding Elite Hockey Facility sessions at no additional charge.

14U:  For this season we are targeting 2 practices/week as compared to the 1.5 practices/week in years past.  We are also working to incorporate a 40/40/40 split every other week where Team 1 gets full-ice for 40m, Team 1 and Team 2 share the ice for 40m, then Team 2 gets full-ice for 40m.

16/18U:  We anticipate our 16 and 18U teams on the ice 2 times per week in any combination of practices (full-ice) or games - 2 practices, 1 practice and 1 game, etc.

A summary of what to look for club-wide for the upcoming season...

  • Continued focus on age-specific, age appropriate skill development
  • Increased focus on goaltending development
  • Increased focus on dryland training and pre-game preparation
  • Increased focus on athlete nutrition