Multi-Player Discount

Families Registering 3 or more children for a season:

  • Pay full price for the two children with the highest fees
  • Pay 75% of the fees for each of the remaining children
  • Please ensure that all of the children you are registering are shown on the Shopping Cart page before completing the registration

Credits / Discounts

Credits earned from working club sponsored, credit-eligible events are to be applied to the season registration through the use of 'Discount Codes'.   The email address used to register your child the previous season will receive a one-time discount code that is to be entered on the Shopping Cart page during Checkout.

Please allow 7-10 business days from the time registration opens to receive your discount code.

Due to IRS tax implications, families are not allowed to purchase or sell credits to other non-family members.


All payments are to be made Online in full or using the payment plan outlined in the "Fees" tab.  The user has the option to use a credit card or checking account to make the payment.

Payments are due at the end of the day on the payment due date outlined on the Fees tab.  Should an account be delinquent and no contact or arrangements are made with the Treasurer, the player tied to the account may risk removal from team activities.


Mike Rynes