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Fundraising - TJ's Pizza

**** Only ONE check made payable to 'TBL' will be accepted when submitting order forms.  Please have purchasers pay in cash or a check made payable to you.  ****


Kathy DeWitt


Phone: N/A

Order Forms

The electronic form below can be used to share electronically, but a physical form must be submitted.


T.J.'s Pizza is delighted, once again, to have been selected to assist TBL with your fall fundraiser. To those of you who are not familiar with our products let us say, "We pledge to provide you with the highest quality products at a price that will give your customers a great dollar value. We then give you the best service in the industry to ensure a successful drive."

The pizzas you will be selling are T.J.'s "St. Louis Style", the TJ’s “THICK CRUST” and our  “Gourmet Pizzas”.   These products are assembled using only the finest ingredients.  Real cheese, fresh meat and fresh vegetables are part of T.J's commitment to quality.  The pizzas are 12" in diameter and will be delivered to you fully assembled and fresh frozen.  T.J.'s is a USDA inspected plant.

Always available are Desserts, Braided Breads, Cookie Dough assorted other goodies!


Official Release Date - October 14th, 2019

  • Teams may start selling before this date, but this will be the official launch date.
  • We are also participating in the incentive program (see bottom of this page), so our members will earn free products the more that they sell!  Details to follow closer to turn in...

Order Forms Due October 28th @ 8p

  • All order forms and payments are due to Kathy DeWitt, Sara Ulrich, or Andrea Estabrook.
  • Please have members write only 1 check per family made out to TBL.   Individuals ordering from the players wishing to write a check should write them to the family.  We will only accept 1 check per family made out to TBL.
  • Kathy or Andrea work Bingo  at the KC Hall in Granite City on October 14th and October 28th if you need an easy place to submit the order forms.
  • We ask members to please total their items across the bottom - it is a big help!

Order Delivery on November 14th @ East Alton Ice Arena

  • Everyone must pick up their orders during this time, we do not have capacity to store any remaining orders that do not get picked up.
  • TJ's Pizza will have representatives on site to fix any errors and assist, please plan on checking your orders before leaving EAIA.
  • The delivery truck will arrive at 5p, if anyone would like to lend a hand helping bring orders in and organized for pickup, we are happy to have the help.  Last season we had 5 pallets of pizza!!!

Credits Available on December 1st

  • Our fantastic Team Managers will be able to assist you in applying your credits towards tournaments, jamborees, etc.


Incentives based on the sale of an item(s):

  • Seller earns 40% of the sale price
  • TBL earns 3% of the sale price

Incentives based on the amount of items sold:

  • Sell 10 items and earn 1 free pizza (Triple Cheese, Bacon Dbl or Pepperoni)
  • Sell 20 items and earn 1 free pizza and 1 free cookie dough (Chocolate Chunk or Oatmeal Cranberry)
  • Sell 30 items and earn 2 free pizzas, 1 free cookie dough
  • Sell 40 items and earn 2 free pizzas, 1 cookie dough, and 1 free Pumpkin pie.
  • Sell 50 and repeat!!!

Please list your free product choices on the front of your sales brochures.  If you do not choose, we will default to the underlined item listed above.

Twin Bridges Lightning | PO Box 711 | Troy, IL 62294