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Association - Rules & Policies

Twin Bridges Lightning Hockey is a self governing organization and will attempt to internally resolve all concerns, disputes and violations among its members, parents, players, coaches and officials. A board appointed Rules and Disciplinary Committee reviews and acts upon disputes regarding infractions.

We also follow strict USA Hockey and MO Hockey guidelines to provide and safe and comfortable environment for all members.  All coaches, managers, and volunteers are educated on these policies prior to being in a position to interact with the players and members.  A few of the more notable policies are detailed below.  However, links are provided to review all the policies for each entity (TBL, MO Hockey, USA Hockey).

COVID Refund Policy 2020-2021

TBL Registration will soon open.  We have received several inquiries regarding the refund policy if COVID shortens or cancels our upcoming season.

Our official season for the purpose of refunds is determined as starting the Tuesday after Labor Day, Sep 8.  The season officially ends with the last Blue Note Cup Championship game played by a TBL team in late Feb or early Mar.

In the event the season is completely cancelled we will issue full refunds or return all TBL Credits used as applicable.

If the season is cancelled after the season starts we will pro-rate refunds based on how long the season lasted.

We also received inquiries regarding the insurance offered during registration.  This insurance is not part of TBL or endorsed by TBL.  It is something Sports Engine offers.  All of the premium goes to Sports Engine.  If the season is cancelled and a refund is issued by TBL we cannot refund the insurance premium.

It’s a personal choice if you think you need the insurance.  In addition, if your son or daughter is injured during the season and cannot complete the season TBL will pro-rate your registration fees and refund the difference with or without Sports Engine’s insurance.

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