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    2015-2016 Coaching Application

    (Click to apply as a coach for the 2015-2016 season)

    UPDATE (7/31): 2015-2016 Full Season Registration is just about ready to Open!  Look for the link here over the next 4-6 days!  You can also check our Social Media sites for alerts on registration, news, etc.

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    UPDATE (7/31): Dates and times for SQ/PW/BA/MD/Goalie Evaluations are set; visit our Calendar to view the schedule in August (tag=Association).

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    Website News

    We've made significant changes to our website since August of last year.  Please take a moment to visit some of the new and recently updated pages as they may be helpful in more than one way.

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    Play Hockey For FREE?  Join Our Fundraising Teams And Never Pay Again!

    Twin Bridges offers two (2) lucrative fundraising opportunities that are proven to lower costs for all participating club members from year to year.  Furthermore, families that work Fundraisers can also earn credits towards lowering their registration costs.  Help lower all families costs and lower your child's cost!!!

    Bingo is our most impactful fundraiser and is held every Monday evening in Granite City.  We also have a concession stand near Section 104 at Scottrade Center that is almost just as impactful as Bingo.  Visit our Fundraisers page before signing up to review the requirements and more information about our Fundraisers.  View 'Upcoming Events' below or visit our Calendar for a preview of upcoming Fundraising opportunities.  Follow the links to the right to sign up for an event using the Dibs system!

    Fundraising Information

    (Click the link to learn more about our Fundraisers)

    Fundraising Dibs Session

    (Click the link to sign up for a fundraising event)

    IMPORTANT: Members must have an account in order to view and claim a position in our Fundraising Dib session.  To create an account, locate the 'Create An Account' link at the top of the page.

    Upcoming Events

    Sat 8/1 Sun 8/2 Mon 8/3 Tue 8/4 Wed 8/5

    Learn To Play
    10:30am CDT Ical_event_icon

    no events

    Fundraiser: Bingo
    5:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    TBL Summer Camp (8U/6U/LTP)
    6:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Fundraiser: Shania Twain
    5:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    TBL Summer Camp (BA)
    7:15pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    TBL Summer Camp (MD)
    8:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Board Meeting
    7:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon


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    The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Hockey.  USA Hockey SafeSport is the organization's program related to off-ice safety.

    USA Hockey has long had systems in place to protect its participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of abuse and misconduct that can be harmful to youth hockey players and other participants.  These include without limitation Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Screening, Locker Room Supervision and Hazing Policies, in addition to Codes of Conduct applicable to administrators, coaches, officials, parents, players and spectators.  The USA Hockey SafeSport Handbook is intended to update and collect USA Hockey’s various policies to protect its participants from all types of misconduct and abuse.

    SafeSport Policies

    (Click on the link to navigate to the Association page for more information regarding SafeSport)