Fuel your Game - Pre-Game Nutrition

Athlete Nutrition

Proper nutrition and timing of meals, is essential for good performance on and off the ice.

We've gathered some resources to help our athletes make smart choices about what they put on their plates.

24-Hour Pre-Game Meal

It takes 24 hours for food to be digested and available for your body to use as energy for your muscles.   

You don’t have to “carb load”, however carbohydrates are a key source of that energy.  It’s essential that those are quality carbohydrates. Protein is also important, but shouldn’t be the biggest portion on your plate.   

For more on the 24-Hour Pre-Game Meal see the article below.

What to eat right before a game

How do you time meals, especially if you’re on the road for a weekend tournament? 

Several hours before the game you’ll need to “top off” your tank.  Timing depends on the athlete, but you need to give your body time to digest it. It’s okay to have a small snack an hour before game time.  

One other bit of advice, pre-game meals probably aren’t the best time to experiment with new foods.  

Find more detail about how to support your performance just before a game in the article below.

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