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Earn Credits by Volunteering at Enterprise Center


There is a mandatory uniform that will need to worn by all workers at Levy. It is a plain black t- shirt, TBL hat or black hat, any dark blue jeans and BLACK non-skid shoes. 

Failure to show up for a shift in the proper uniform put us at risk with Levy and there will be a $25.00 fine assessed to that member, and they possibly may be asked to go home if proper approved uniform is not worn. 


These events are Profit Percentage Events. The majority of events earn 10% of the net profits plus 100% of the tips at our concession stands. The 10% profit and 100% of the tips will be split between the workers who worked that specific event. A lead is required for each event and makes 1.5. These events typically make a minimum of $150 per person.

Sign Up

To recieve the training documents, please email levy@tblhockey.com.

Once you have completed your training and have emailed all completed training documents to in one email to levy@tblhockey.com - it will take 14 working days for your documents to be accepted by Levy. You will receive an email when you are cleared to sign up to work.

Availability has to be turned into Levy. If you signed up for a date and it is no longer there, it is because we did not have enough volunteers to properly staff it by the date it needed to be turned in.

Brooke & Emily

Business Manager

618-980-7494 or 618-980-3145

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