8U Announcement

 Twin Bridges is excited to announce a few changes of the 2023-2024 season at the 8U level. We have listened to membership and to ensure development of our 8U players, especially those moving into 10U the following year, we are very excited for these changes.

 Every 8U player will have the opportunity to play full ice hockey games throughout the season. We are working with the other area clubs to determine whether they will be open to playing us in a full-ice format or whether we will host internal house games. This will be fully dependent on the other area club’s availability. This approach WILL NOT replace a normal ADM 8U model, but we do feel that it will increase our players’ readiness for 10U hockey. All teams will still be able to compete in jamborees and play a normal 8U schedule (mix of half and full-ice).

 Additionally, the organization is very excited to announce that we will hold tryouts for the Awesome 8’s tournament team. These tryouts will be held AFTER the regular season tryouts and is open to any 8U player, not limited to second year 8U players. Reminder: ALL 8U players will participate in regular season tryouts. We will only be creating one tournament team and we will name coaches for that team after the tryout.

 We are making both changes to ensure we continue to push the envelope at Twin Bridges and put development at the forefront for all ages. All practices throughout the year will be directed at continual development and working towards full ice hockey from the beginning of the season.

 Any questions or concerns about the above, please send them to the hockey director Tyler Elbrecht at hockeydirector@tblhockey.com

-Tyler Elbrecht

Hockey Director