New Partnership - Racine Goalie Academy

Dear TBL Families,

Fun Fact – Did you know that Goalies comprise about 10% of the club’s players?

During the End of Season Survey last spring, we received feedback from the club that led the board to create a Goalie Committee as part of our organization. Micah Redman and Joe Hayden led this committee during the off-season to evaluate the goalie-specific training opportunities.

We’re excited to share that the committee has selected Racine Goalie Academy as our goalie training partner for the 2023-2024 season. New this year – we will be conducting most of our goalie training sessions at East Alton Ice Arena to bring the training for our goalie families a little closer to home than we have in years past. Want to learn more about RGA?

What can you expect for Goalie Training this year?

• Bruce Racine and his training team will conduct most sessions at East Alton Ice Arena throughout the season. We may occasionally use other rinks when necessary.

• Racine will begin work with our goalies in September. Dates will appear in Crossbar when confirmed.

• TBL coaches will be on the ice at each training session to gain more goalie coaching skills to bring back to regular TBL practices.

• Goalies from 6U-12U will have 2 goalie training opportunities per month.

• We will have a goalie trainer attending the 14U practices one time per month.

• We know that our older goalies are often unable to make the bi-monthly training times due to high school hockey schedules. 14U-18U Goalies will be provided with vouchers from RGA to use at times that fit best within their schedule, to provide flexibility to schedule sessions when it’s most convenient for them. We will provide follow-up communication to our 14U+ families in early September on how to redeem the 10 vouchers that will be provided to you for the season.

• Watch your Crossbar app, as we will be holding both Goalie-specific as well as age-based tryouts for our goalies this year.

The board would like to share a huge thanks to the following TBL parents for volunteering to be a part of the Goalie Committee for this season: Micah Redman (co-chair), Joe Hayden (co-chair), Jong Cambron, Todd Hays, Ashley Hays, Aaron Jones, Jessica Pinegar, Justin Pinegar, John Sappington, Brooke Severt, and Justin Severt.

If you have any questions, please contact Micah Redman at 618-604-5437 or Tyler Elbrecht at

We’re looking forward to a great season!


Amy Taul

President, TBL Hockey