TBL Fundraising Updates

We wanted to send out a quick update on several of our fundraisers...

TJ’S Pizza

Our club sold over $48,000 worth of TJ's Pizza, which results in almost $20,000 of credits for our members to use to help pay for their hockey expenses!!! Please know that credits will hit members' accounts in the third week of November.

Delivery – Thursday, November 16th from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm at East Alton Ice Rink. All orders MUST be picked up during the pickup window, as we do not have the ability to keep orders frozen. If you can help unload the truck at 5:15pm, we would appreciate it!

Levy – Concession Stands

December dates will be added to the volunteer calendar on Tuesday, 11/7/23 at noon.

Please only sign up if you are on the "Approved Levy List". This means that you have completed your alcohol and Levy training, turned in your Hep A shot records, and have received the email saying you are approved. Then you may sign up on the Volunteer page of the website. We have to turn in our availability for December events by 11/15/23 so please sign up if interested.

January events will be announced the first week of December.


Bingo is hosted by TBL every Monday night from 5:30pm to 10pm at the Tri-Cities Columbus Hall in Granite City, IL. Families who sign up to staff Bingo not only earn credits they can apply toward their season fees and other expenses, they help the club's bottom line.

Approximately 12 workers are needed to fully staff Bingo each week but not everyone is expected to be there the entire time. TBL families are allowed to sign up for two shifts per month per child.

Additional information about each fundraiser is on our website!