COVID Committee

The COVID Committee was created during the pandemic to assist the board in navigating recommendations from the CDC.

Jenn McHatton (Chair)

Jen Hayden (6U/8U)

Jenn McHatton (10U)

Amanda Jockisch (12U)

Keith Leuking (14U)

Derek Kahl (16U/18U)

COVID Committee

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for ensuring alerts, messages, and topics are properly communicated in a timely fashion to membership. The Committee is also charged with improving the club's branding, recognition and reputation in the region through social media platforms.

Megan Beljanski (Chair)

Jong Cambron

Emily Mooshegian

Brandy Hildebrand

Catherine Fisher

Bryan Clark

Communications Committee

Early Development Committee

The Early Development Committee is responsible for administering policies and strategies using USA Hockey ADM as a guide to develop, improve and prepare players for current seasonss, as well as prepare them for advancement in subsequent seasons.

Josh Resmann (Chair)

Chad Steinmeyer

Ryan Boxell

Bill Almonroeder

John Wright

Early Development Committee

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for administering, developing, and improving fundraising opportunities to lower the cost for participation in all activities.

Neil McHatton (Chair)

Craig Edwards

Andrea Estabrook

Jenn McHatton

Cyndi Bogacki

Josh Resmann

Fundraising Committee

Ice Scheduling Committee

Ryan Hicks (Chair)

Ryan Mahoney

Melissa Edwards

Eric Dawe

John Wright

Ice Scheduling Committee

Team Manager Committee

The Team Manager Committee develops and administers policies, procedures, and guidelines for Team Managers to effectively manage their teams, while adhering to TBL Hockey and MO Hockey rules and policies.

Sara Ulrich (Chair)

Jamie Maurer

Barbie Weis

Masja LaRue

Mike Rynes

Team Manager Committee

Rules and Discipline Committee

The Rules and Discipline Committee is responsible for handling all filed complaints against TBL members. the committee conducts independent investigations and reports their findings and decisions to the Board of Directors. The committee must be composed of persons who are non-board members.

Brady Greene (Chair)

Tom Banning (6/8U)

Jason Davis (10U)

Mark Foley (12U)

Jonathan Costello (14U)

Amy Taul (16/18U)

Rules and Discipline Committee

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