Team Manager Guidelines and Responsibilities

a) All teams are expected to have a team manager. The team manager will be selected from one of the parents of the players rostered on that team. The coach’s and assistant coach’s spouses may not serve as a team manager.

b) If no one volunteers to be a team manager, the head coach will appoint a parent and/or family to serve in this position.

c) The team manager is responsible for the following:

1) Assisting the coach in scheduling games.

2) Securing game officials (referees) from approved referee list for practice, exhibition, and rescheduled league games.

3) Securing minor game officials (score and timekeeper) which will be parents from the team’s roster.

4) Handling the funds for team pictures. Page 9 of 11 Twin Bridges Lightning Rules and Regulations June 2019

5) Collecting money from players/parents from fund-raisers.

6) Their team members and parents are following rules ensuring proper conduct.

7) Contacting the Division Commissioner (if appointed) on all team matters.

8) Coordinating team travel to other cities for games and tournaments.

9) Handling ice rink damages that may occur and report any such damage to the Board of Directors.

10) Communicating TBL policies to the coaches and parents.

11) Appoint or act as team reporter for the news releases.

12) Assisting the head coach and staff with any paperwork necessary to the team’s organization.

13) Attend Board of Directors meetings

(Twin Bridges Lightning Rules and Regulations June 2019)

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