New Season...New Jerseys!

TBL families – we heard you! After reviewing the end-of-the-season survey the Board of Directors formed the Branding Committee to design new uniforms for this season. Thank you to the members who worked on this project this off-season- we appreciate your time! We are proud to announce Twin Bridges' new uniforms!

Who needs new uniforms?

*6U and 8U will wear the navy blue and white reversible jerseys. If you are new or your player has outgrown their uniform, you will need a new uniform. If your uniform fits from last season you do not need to order a new uniform.

*10U-14U will be required to order the new uniform and sock set.

*16U-18U will be given club uniforms. We will require you to purchase socks. More information will be given once teams are named.

How do I order the new uniforms?

Please make sure you bring your player and their shoulder pads to the Skaters Edge Pro Shop at East Alton Ice Rink. All orders must be placed by Sunday, August 20th at noon.

What are the cost of the uniforms and the timeframe for delivery?

All costs below are just for the jerseys. Socks and tax will be additional. Jerseys must be paid in full at the time you order.

• 6U-8U reversible jersey is $69.00 plus tax.

• 10U-14U price per jersey is $69.00 each for size small – XXL (so the cost of two jerseys is $138.00) 3XL and Goalie Cuts are $74.00 each (so the cost of 2 jerseys is $148.00)

The deadline to order jerseys will be Sunday, August 20th at noon. Jerseys will take 6 weeks to come. We will not have the new jerseys for declaration season.

How are jersey numbers assigned?

TBL assigns jersey numbers by birth year. Even birth years will have even jersey numbers. Odd birth years will have odd jersey numbers. If you are a returning player and want to keep your current number, please order it. If you are a new player or want to change your current number, please write your top three number choices on the order form. If one of your top three number choices is available we will assign it. If not, we will be in touch with the available numbers. If contacted, we ask that you respond asap.

We hope this answers the majority of your questions, if you should need anything additional please email